At Lawrence Legacy Group, protecting our client’s wealth is the foundation for all that we do. Specializing in secure retirement income, we believe in guarding your wealth against potential risk while maximizing a safe return. Our practice has been built on providing a complete financial plan for our clients by understanding their current and future financial goals. To achieve this, we have crafted a multi-layer plan to help our clients make money and live happily today, as well as live securely when the markets inevitably change in the future. When our clients decide to work with Lawrence Legacy Group, they are making the decision to take control of their future rather than allowing the stock market to dictate their lifestyles. We are a team of financial professionals that care deeply about the financial well-being of our clients and have the financial expertise to help them build the retirement they have dreamt of.



As the Founder and Retirement Income Planner at Lawrence Legacy Group LLC, Gregory has become an expert in protecting his client’s wealth while also maximizing their return. Client protection is always top priority and he achieves this through planning ahead on their behalf. Specializing in Total Financial Planning, Gregory coordinates with other professionals to safeguard his clients against loss risk in an ever-changing stock market. His dedicated attention to shifting trends has enabled him craft financial plans that help guard against the potential decline of traditional investments, such as stocks and bonds. Gregory’s ability to simply keep his clients’ money safe sets the standard amongst his competitors.